Why it’s essential to report the content you use

It’s important that you report any content you reproduce so Copibec can distribute royalties to the authors and publishers whose works have been used by universities. When you report your use, Copibec is able to identify which publications were used and how much was reproduced.

What do you have to report?

You need to inform Copibec about all photocopied or scanned excerpts from publications:

  • Used in a coursepack
  • Uploaded to a learning management system
  • Sent via email
  • Inserted into a PowerPoint presentation
  • Displayed on a smartboard
  • Shared via a link leading to a digital format reproduction

How can you report the content you’ve used?


Use Savia, Copibec’s online rights management system, to report the content you use and get permission for other uses. Savia is free!

Go to Savia


DDA by Dexero allows you to report the content you reproduce. It requires a licence from Dexero.

Go to DDA

Excel worksheet

Some universities use Excel to report the content they use. You must contact the person in charge of the Copibec agreement at your university to provide your data.

Reporting deadlines

The data must be submitted to Copibec according to the following schedule:

  • By January 31 (for content used between June 1 and December 31)
  • By July 31 (for content used between January 1 and May 31)