Reporting the content you use

It’s important that you report any content you reproduce so Copibec can distribute royalties to the authors and publishers whose works have been used by colleges and CEGEPs. Your role is essential!

What do you have to report?

You need to inform Copibec about all photocopied or scanned excerpts from publications:

  • Used in a coursepack
  • Uploaded to your college’s secure network

How can you report the content you’ve used?


Use Savia, Copibec’s online rights management system, to report the content you use and get permission for other uses. Savia is free!



DDA by Dexero allows you to report the content you reproduce. It requires a licence from Dexero.

Go to DDA


Repro+, created by AltiLogix to help you manage copying tasks, includes a reporting module linked directly to Copibec’s Savia system.

More information about Repro+ (in French)

You can also request a preformatted Excel copy log worksheet that you can complete and return to us so we can transfer the data into Savia.

Reporting deadlines

The data must be submitted to Copibec according to the following semi-annual schedule:

  • By January 31 (for content used between July 1 and December 31)
  • By July 31 (for content used between January 1 and June 30)

Please note that content downloaded from our digital content platform called SAMUEL is automatically reported to Copibec.