Repertoire and Exclusions List for colleges and CEGEPs

The Copibec repertoire (or catalogue) contains millions of publications. As long as you stay within the limits of your college reproduction rights licence, you can use all that content to create coursepacks, share excerpts on your college’s secure networks or display documents in class.

Content excluded from the repertoire

Millions of titles published in 33 countries are listed in the Copibec repertoire. However, certain titles and content categories are excluded. Those publications appear on the Exclusions List issued each year to college institutions.

Be sure to check whether the content you want to use is covered by your reproduction rights licence. If a title, publisher or content category appears on the Exclusions List, you’ll need to get permission from the publisher before using that content.

What if the title you want to use DOESN'T appear on the Exclusions List? Great! You can use it according to the terms of your college licence.

Content categories excluded from the repertoire

The Copibec repertoire includes books, newspapers, magazines and other content. However, some categories of content are excluded from the repertoire. The excluded categories are indicated on the first page of the Exclusions List.

Global repertoire

Your college reproduction rights licence gives you permission to use millions of documents published in Quebec, the rest of Canada and in 33 countries around the world. All the countries that Copibec has an agreement with are shown at the beginning of the Exclusions List.