Protecting authors’ rights

Whether you’re an author, short story writer, educational content creator, poet, science writer, cartoonist, playwright, translator or adapter, Copibec makes sure your rights are respected and you earn royalties when your content is used.

Register to protect your rights

Are you a Quebec author? Enjoy a range of benefits by registering with Copibec:

Registering with Copibec is easy and there’s no membership fee.

Which content can be registered?

Copibec can manage the reproduction rights for any work published on paper or in digital format, including:

  • Novels
  • Poetry collections
  • Magazine articles
  • Textbooks
  • Comic albums
  • Plays
  • Contributions to scientific publications

Make sure all your works are recorded with Copibec. To add content, go to the “My publications” section of your account.

Your royalties and financial data

You can view your financial data at any time by going to the “My royalties” section of your Copibec account. Here’s what you can do there:

  • View the stubs for all royalty cheques you’ve received
  • Get information about your royalty sources
  • Check whether a royalty cheque is still outstanding
  • Find out the amount to indicate on your income tax return

Unlocatable copyright owners

Many authors don’t know that Copibec is holding royalties for them after their content has been used. Refer to our list of unlocatable copyright owners. Do you recognize any of the names? Be sure to notify us so we can ask them to register with Copibec!

If your name appears on that list, contact us!